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The Stashi Yarn Van LLC
a yarn store on wheels

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Our Mission
     Our mission is to bring fun and inspiration to the community of makers old and new in Richmond VA!  We do this by making high-quality yarns and supplies accessible to Richmond makers through the ‘mobile’ storefront of the Yarn Van. We spread yarn and joy everywhere we go. We also offer equitably priced drop-in knitting classes (as $25 per class). Our webstore also ships anywhere in the United States- so be ready to get Stashi (pronounced Stash-ee) with us! 

The Person (and Animal) Behind the Curtain

     The Stashi Yarn Van LLC is owned and operated by Stephanie Stassi. Stephanie first fell down the rabbit hole of the knitting world back when she was in graduate school in 2017. What started out as a "hobby" for stress relief quickly became a passion where she voraciously found more advanced patterns to test her skills. Since then she has grown into an avid sweater knitter and yarn connoisseur. 

      As the years went by (and her fellow interests in sewing, spinning, and crochet developed) Stephanie began to envision owning her own maker’s space in her new home of Richmond VA. However, these plans were halted at the onset of COVID-19 and Stephanie realized that a traditional store model was not quite feasible in the ongoing pandemic and soon-to-be Post-Covid world.  After counsel from numerous loved ones (and a genius suggestion from her hairdresser), her vision crystallized into creating Richmond VA’s premier yarn van. Currently, the van is "Van Alpha" - which is a little more of a yarn wagon to start out with. As the business grows we will be flexible enough to grow into what out customers need us to be!

     Sekhmet Thundercat Babu 5000 is The Stashi Yarn Van LLC’s Senior Vice President of Cuddles and Chaos. A "torbie" rescue - she spends most of her days snoozing by the perch in the window, nipping at ankles, beard chomping, hunting stink bugs, nibbling at kibble, shredding baskets, and being the apple of Stephanie's eye. 

Contact Us:

Instagram/Facebook: @thestashiyarnvan
Contact Hours: M-F 9-5, Sat 10-6
            Sun 10-4